What is the best tablet ?

Before we answer what is the best tablet ? we have to answer some other questions like

What is the tablet ?

what is the best tablet

The tablet is smart portable light device that allow the user to surf the net, play games on it, read mails, watch video, record videos , capture photos, play audio files on it.

Tablet’s screen are in range of 7″ to 10″ , these tablets are not running on normal operating systems whether windows, Linux, Macintosh as in the PC or Laptop. These tablets are running on light mobile version systems like Android , IOS ,  Windows Phone. Android and IOS are the most 2 popular operating systems.

what make the tablet now days very popular and become main part of our daily life is that the tablet is combination of  Smart phone and laptop where user can do calls, surf the net, send emails, edit on word and excel, chat and more of applications that normal laptop or pc users need in the normal life activities .

One of  the most important advantage of the tablet and smart phone are the application market where you can find millions of free application and thousands of paid applications.

why do i need the tablet ?the Best tablet

one of the first and impotent  factors in answering the question of what is the best tablet ? is to know why you need the tablet , we can divide the tablet usage to some categories like :

  • Tablets for browsing the net, check emails ,communicating with friends and family
  • Tablets for reading e-books, newspapers and magazines .
  • Tablets for applications like office , time management, weight loss, sms and other thousands applications.
  • Tablets for playing games .

What operating system do i choose ?

what operating system you need is a main factor that affect the answer of what is the best tablet ? , there are four main operating systems  in the field of tablets and smart phone .

Android operating system which is an open source operating system  owned and updated now by Google , the application market for Google is called Google play where you can download thousands of useful applications.

Apple IOS operating system  is a system that belong to apple company , it is very easy system and you have access to thousands of application through apple market which is called Apple store.

Windows operating system which is owned and updated by Microsoft , you can find this operating system running on few tablets like Microsoft Surface with Windows RT .The windows operating system for tablets  looks familiar to any one who have used before windows on any laptop or PC.

Blackberry operating system   this operating system runs on the blackberry smart devices where you will find it on the blackberry playbook tablet, the application market for the blackberry is called Blackberry world or App world.

The Tablet features

The tablets features are very impotent factors that affect when you ask for what is the best tablet ? so before deciding to buy tablet you have to decide your tablet features .


7inch-vs-10inch tabletThe tablet screens different in size from 7 ” to 10″ where it is length of the diagonal of the screen from the edges, the resolution is measured by the pixels where higher PPI means a higher resolution screen.

so you can choose large screen size with high resolution with at least 1280×720 for reading e-books , playing games, watching movies , for usage like browsing net, listing music you can choose smaller screen sizes with less pixels resolution.


Tablets come with build in hard disk which in most cases range from 8 G.B to 32 G.B, also most of the new tablets you can add to it external memory cards that support up to 64 G.B.

Also the cloud storage which in most cases is related to the operating system where you can store your data online ad use it any way.


Most tablets have Camera but a lot of them have 2 one on the front side , it is used for video chat and video calls . On the other side of the tablet the main camera which is used for taking photos and recording videos .

CommunicationWi-fi-3G 4G

whether it is Wi-Fi , 3G or 4G these are all ways to be online , most tablets have Wi-Fi antenna where you connect your tablet to your Wi-Fi network so you won’t need to pay for a 3G or 4G data plan.

The 3G or 4G is other key feature you have to ask for before you buy you tablet as it let you enter online without Wi-Fi but you will have to pay to your service data provider.


The processor is unit that carry out the orders and instructions that the user give through the operating system. The better performance of the processor is the one that have the ability to do a lot of tasks in the same time or by easy words access a lot of application in the same time.

Tablet processor is much different from pc or laptop processor Any way as much many cores the tablet processor have the greater ability for doing tasks and the less time to process it.


Tablets are running now on 0.5GB up to 2GB of RAM. The higher  amount of RAM, the more applications  you can run at the same time.

Battery Life

Tablets are light slim portable devices ,so  the Battery life is importent key feature as it give us indicator on how much time it will go working with you .

It  depends on what you are using the tablet for, so if you are watching vedio or playing games it will vanish much faster than if you are reading book or surfing the net.

Any you can save your battery life by enabling the Power safeing  mode , turn off  Wi-Fi , mobile data,  Bluetooth .


You should choose the less weight so you can move with your tablet in easy way , sure large screens tablets are much heavy than less screen size tablets.


Now after deciding why you need the tablet? , what is the operating system you like ? and what key feature you need in your tablet ? i think you will be able to answer the question of what is the best tablet ? or at least decide the best tablet you can buy.






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